Dedicated to Australia – Alice Gwyneth

Dedicated to Australia

To celebrate the start of a new decade, I've decided to write our first ever AG blog post! Yay I hear you cry. 
This one is dedicated to the most recent and current bush fires happening in Australia. The first thing I read this morning was an article that was posted by an Aussie friend currently living in Melbourne, the title read 'Australia's Leaders unmoved on climate action after devastating bushfires' - 'Australia's government is sticking firmly to a position that there is no direct link between climate change and the countries devastating bushfires, despite public anger, the anguish of victims and warnings from scientists' 
I'm not sure how everyone else feels but recently it seems our planet had descended into chaos and it seems things have to get much much worse before they get better (terrifying thought)
So how can we help? 
Well lets start with the why. Why is our planet suffocating, why are we using all of our resources, why is no-one listening? 
Businesses have become bigger and richer than ever because of growing consumerism and the demand for products quickly and cheaply. To supply such a demand, products are mass produced and workers are exploited to keep price points low resulting in the suffering of our planet and humanity. On top of this, governments and influential leaders refuse to put any action into place because capitalism has enabled them to benefit from the destruction of our planet. 
So what can we do?! 
  1. Buy second hand!!! (Recycle, Recycle, Recycle)
  2. Save your money to buy a sustainable piece of fashion. (Did you know we offer a LIFETIME service of gold plating, fixing, cleaning for free!) 
  3. Stop buying from fast fashion shops
  4. Protest!!!
  5. Eat less Beef
  6. Reduce your use of and recycle plastic! 
(Theres so many more but these are easy ones!)
As a fashion fiend, I 100% understand that buying responsibly can sometimes cost more (which is actually crazy, but i’ll save this for another blog post) especially when you have bills etc to pay and your job doesn't pay as well as it should (hence why fast fashion is used by the majority of us)
BUT in the grand scheme of things, isn't the protection and longevity of our planet and essentially our lives so so SO much more important?
I was recently interview by Anaria Fashion about the importance of sustainability & my ethics as a business. Head over to to read the full interview. 
Sending our thoughts and love to Australia.